Lead Pastor

Del & Joyce Penner

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Attentive to God’s calling, Del with his wife Joyce began ministry as Lead Pastor at Fleetwood International Church in March 2014. He has rich experience in pastoral leadership with BC Baptist Conference and still tells his stories out of Africa, having been on mission in Kenya for twenty years.

For Del life is all about enjoying God. From his own experience as a follower of Christ he is passionate about people finding and following Jesus.  He has a pastor’s heart to touch the lives of individuals and to minister together to build multicultural church community.

When Del preaches he directs us into the Bible and relates truth to daily living. He encourages us to respond to the challenges of Christ in every area of our lives, to worship him, to value what he values, and to be intentional in sharing the message of his extravagant love with others.  He desires the church to become the spiritual home of many in the community—a place of light and hope.

At home you’ll find Del putting his hand to some home improvement project, writing his DMin dissertation, visiting neighbours, or heading to the pool for a swim. When you visit the church some Sunday morning Del will probably connect with you, coffee cup in hand after the worship time. Or you’ll get into a conversation with him as you drop your kids off at a children’s program or youth event, in a Life Group, or around the table for lunch after an ESL class. He values relationships and enjoys meeting new people. It won't take long for him to know your name and to invite you to participate in the life of the church. In that way he reflects who we are: a friendly church family. And we’d love to have you join us!


Youth Pastor

Buena Tupe

Buenavida Tupe, “Buena,” connects with youth in Fleetwood church community. She is an educator, speaker, and writer. Her passion is to add value to students’ lives by proclaiming the Gospel of the kingdom and providing the means for them to discover their purpose. Her passion for the nations brought her to Vancouver from the Philippines to minister to our multicultural youth community, PURSU1T. The mission of PURSU1T is to nurture, enrich, and empower youth of different nationalities by fostering their emotional, social, cultural, intellectual, and spiritual growth through after school programs we provide. Buena leads the youth group in making disciples by loving God and loving others. She also pursues her passion for the nations by leading and mobilizing mission teams around the world.


Children's Ministry Coordinator

Hannalee Medrano

Through her experience growing up in the church and consistently volunteering in the various programs in the Children’s Ministry, Hannalee Medrano has developed a passion for reaching out to children and sharing the Word of God to them. Her passion can be seen through her leadership and direction during the Sunday program called KidZone, during the day camps held every summer and during special performances and events. Hannalee understands the importance of Sunday and summer programs in ministering to children. Therefore, she is always looking for new and exciting ways to share the Gospel to children.


Director of counselling & family Support; 

Church Administrator

Joyce Lim-Goh

As Director of Counselling & Family Support, Joyce Lim-Goh partners with ministry leaders to provide pastoral care, mentoring and counselling for adults, couples and families in church community. Both Joyce and her husband, Iau Goh are especially passionate about building up life groups, discipling young adults, preparing couples for marriage and strengthening marriage relationships. They also love connecting with community, whether it is serving at a seniors home nearby or welcoming new immigrants to the neighbourhood. Joyce is also the Church Administrator, with responsibilities to assist the Leadership Team and Deacons with governance, policies and administration.



  • Del penner - Lead Pastor/Overseer

  • alex canete - chair/Overseer

  • mer ayuson - Overseer

  • Iau Goh - Overseer

  • roni simangan - Overseer

  • juel diaz - Overseer

  • ryan madronio - overseer

  • rick Mcnary - Member-at-large

  • lenie buenaventura - Member-At-Large


  • tom milaney (chair)

  • Rod Baron

  • rommel alamar

  • leo torio

  • Sandy candido

  • kevin toews

  • janine gonzaga


  • Arabic Service (Jesus Way Fellowship) - Brother Ali